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Panic Analogue (Commodore 64)


Goin' Sideways 2012
PAL/NTSC C64/128/GS (Analogue Controller Required!)

Goin' Sideways and RGCD are proud to present to you Panic Analogue, a fast-paced and highly addictive analogue paddle controlled game for one or two players. The game was developed as an entry for the RGCD 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition (2011) and came third place out of 11 entries. Easy to learn, almost impossible to master, each of the 14 procedurally generated levels are carefully designed to challenge every kind of gamer - as well as offering almost unlimited replayability.

Your objective is to keep poor little Redhead alive, trapped in his cave. It's a cruel world in there with droplets of water and fireballs constantly falling from above. In order to survive he has to collect every water droplet in his mouth to stay fresh, and keep his torch alit by catching the fireballs. If a water droplet hits the torch things will go very wrong - and swallowing a fireball of course also leads to pure catastrophe!

NTSC and PAL compatible, Panic Analogue even works on the GS - the only requirement being a pair of analogue paddles. The original Commodore variety or Atari 2600 'Tennis' controllers will do fine, and the game website even gives instructions for making your own!

The standard cartridge version is packaged in a cardboard carton, whereas the deluxe version uses a modified plastic Universal Game Case.

The cover art features an illustration by Redcrab and the game comes complete with a printed manual and a vinyl Goin' Sideways sticker. The 16KB PCB is housed in a transparent red cartridge shell illuminated by an internal LED. The full game is also available for free download from the Commodore Scene Database (CSDB).

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