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Sub Hunter (Commodore 64)


Cyber Systems/The New Dimension 2008-12

A government experiment gone wrong turns into a cover-up attempt and waste from the experiment is dumped deep out to sea. The "cover-up" though has a dramatic effect on the aquatic life, swimmers go missing and the seas spiral out of control. It is down to you and your war sub to save the ocean and those who are lost. You are the SUB HUNTER!

The original Psytronik tape and disk version of Sub Hunter was released back in 2008, so the chances are you have already played this great little game (and if not, well, you are in for some good times ahead, as highlighted in our own review). Sub Hunter is one of the few homebrew titles that has really stood the test of time well, with its varied level-to-level game design always keeping the player on their toes.

This PAL/NTSC compatible cartridge version of the game features the intro sequence, instructions and main game all included within a GS-friendly joystick controlled menu system designed by Dr. Martin Wendt (enthusi). Some minor bugs were fixed (such as raster splits being improved), but otherwise it is the same as the previous version without the minor hassles associated with using disk or tape media.

The standard cartridge version is packaged in a cardboard carton, whereas the deluxe version uses a modified plastic Universal Game Case.

The game comes complete with a printed manual and a vinyl RGCD sticker. The 64KB PCB is housed in a transparent blue cartridge shell illuminated by an internal flashing LED.

Please note that Pystronik Software are also selling the game on disk and tape and as a download for £9.99/£4.99, £3.99 and £1.99 respectively (plus shipping). The full game is also available for free download from the Commodore Scene Database (CSDB).

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